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About Us 

Gina Offenstine

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


A native of the Mid-West, Gina moved to New York City and worked in high end fashion boutiques for 10 years. She then became a buyer's agent for a major NY based clothing importer and moved to Asia where most of the garments were produced. While living and working in Hong Kong for 17 years, Gina traveled all over the world buying samples of various high end garments and accessories. Many of these garments are still in the original package and never touched. 

While traveling, Gina also built a huge collection of artwork including ceramics, paintings, and sculptures. She was also fascinated by exotic clothing, jewelry, and just about anything interesting. Gina always kept her eyes open for unusual items which would be wonderful to give as gifts. 

During this same 17 year period, Gina also invested in the booming Hong Kong real estate market and completed many major renovation projects. To furnish properties for sale, Gina acquired far more home furnishings than she could ever fit into one home. See EDITORIALS for sample editorial articles in high end lifestyle publications featuring her various creative projects. 

In 2013, Gina opened featuring her vast collection of vintage ladies purses and fine accessories. Gina has relied on her marketing skills, knowledge of the fashion industry, fine photography, and her forays into website design to begin selling this collection online.


In early 2014, Gina realized the value of an actual showroom to also sell her huge collection of Chinese and Asian artwork which includes some larger furniture.  The result is a most unique showroom in Saxonville MA. The outerwear collection is pure vintage and totally unique. Shoes and boots are plentiful including vintage footwear from Italy and France. Scarves are abundant with most of them in pure silk and hand rolled. 

Gina has been told by multiple Chinese art experts that they had never seen such a huge collection under one roof by one owner. Gina welcomes everyone to browse her showroom and enjoy the many beautiful items available. 

Gina's husband Herb, an architect and woodworker, has designed and built most of the showroom interior. Herb has a large space adjacent to the showroom which is devoted to his many product developments, inventions and projects.....also available to purchase from the showroom or special order.



Our philosophy:  In addition to the Chinese origins of Zen Buddhism, present day use of the word ZEN also refers to unity of mind and body, as well as intense mental focus. 


We include ZEN in our name out of respect for the workmanship that went into so many of the pieces being offered.  It was common for a stone carver to spend weeks if not months working on a single small jade sculpture.  Similar time went into most of the hand painted Chinese porcelains even though they were not destined for the emperor’s use.  The same can be said for the effort to produce extremely finely printed silks scarves and garments, very fine bead work in some antique ladies purses, carved wood screens and sculpture, Mother of Pearl cabinetry, and many more mediums. 


We created a most unusual space to view the range of these fine works.  Everything is priced reasonably including many very affordable items.    

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